Best Student Film - The game of life (Li Junfeng)


Best Feature Film - Song of a Dying Summer (Kohei Sengen)


Best Music Video - Tired Eyes (Peter Renzullo)


Best Director Short Film - The Ravelling Birds (Shen Ren)


Best Short Film - We Are the Apocalypse ! (Charles William Lane)


Best Animation - The Author (Luiz Máximo)


Best Feature Documentary - Poetry Zaban (Prof. Amir Har-Gil)


Best Drama - The locked door (Dmitry Badera)


Best Thriller - Goodnight Mister Johnson (Jean-Luc Servino)


Best Short Documentary - L'ESCALE / THE STOPOVER

(Nizar Mohamedali Saleh, Paul Shemisi, Anne Reijniers, Rob Jacobs)


Best Director Feature Film - KATIPS: The New Rebellion (Vince Tanada)


Best Comedy - Prom House (Jared Glasser, T.W. Story)


Best Horror - Control (Matthieu Cabanes, Pauline Khamphone)


Best Mobile Phone Short - Say good bye (hyo jeong kim)


Best Editing - BITTERSWEET (Charles Dekker)


Best VFX - Belly, The Weeknd - Die For It ft. Nas (James Larese)


Best Cinematography - Onrust (Lore Loyens)


Best Original Screenplay - KATIPS: The New Rebellion (Vince Tanada)