Best Short Film : Splendor directed by Maximilien Gomes


Best Super Short Film : The Photographer directed by Matt Aucott


Best Feature Documentary : The Nodey Process directed by Maël Lê-Hurand, Vincent Nguyễn aka Francis Cutter


Best Music Video : Blast Off! directed by Peter Renzullo


Best Inspirational : I live directed by Rok Matić


Best Animation : Lost Time directed by Melinda Szabó-Nyulász


Best Director Feature Film : One Day At A Time directed by Vortre Williams


Best Comedy : Lyad directed by Amlan Dutta


Best Mobile Phone Short : Plague of Contentment directed by Jp Seehra


Best Actress (Short Film) : Raabta Ek Atoot Bandhan directed by Rashmi sinha


Best Student Film : Buddy directed by Nikos Deligeorgidis


Best Director Short Film : Cinema Vérité directed by Gabriel Otero


Best Drama : Kawthopokothon directed by Saurav Mookherji


Best Sci-Fi : EDEN directed by Thierry Carteret


Best LGBT : Samurai directed by Cem Akturan


Best Sound Design : Spring Pan Let's Go! directed by Jet INOUE